Modern Living


There are four hallmarks of modern living that we see here at Necks Backs Sports. They are;

  1. We are much more sedentary than in the past – We need to move. Movement of the body promotes circulation, increases heart rate and improves co-ordination. When we don’t move our body adapts by losing muscle and tissue mass (tone or firmness), lose heart and lung fitness and lose co-ordination and balance.
  2. We seem to have a much higher intake of refined sugars and processed foods – We need to cut down our intake of sugars and processed foods. Screen your food carefully for hidden sugars as well as trans fats and sodium levels. For more on this please see a favourite website of ours – The Healthy Chef ( Wherever possible cook your meals from fresh, locally sourced whole ingredients.
  3. We are more rushed and stressed than in the past – We need to learn to disconnect. Turn off your phone, take time out for yourself. I do this during my gym sessions, listening to inspiring speakers and in general trying to control my anxieties by looking on the bright side of things. A positive approach to life seems to lead to a much happier life.
  4. We need to not try to cram so much into our life. – We spend less time on exercise & nutrition. Part of taking time out, for me, revolves around changing my daily habits to include 3 things that are inviolable parts of my day; exercise, meditation and keeping positive company either physically or mentally.

The good news is that studies have shown it is possible to restore function by training and therapy. At Necks Backs Sports we try to address these issues during the course of a treatment plan. We try to educate our clients as to how these lifestyle factors are contributing to their problems and offer treatments and advice aimed at providing lasting relief.

If you would like help to assess what lifestyle factors may be affecting your condition please speak with staff about completing our Lifestyle Questionnaire. This questionnaire will highlight areas in your life that may need some attention. Together we can help you improve your health and quality of life.