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Meet the Team

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Necks Backs Sports History

Kaushal Bhuta has been in practice for 25 years and has been serving the Hills for 15 of those years. With a strong background in research and teaching for the first ten years of practice, he passionately supports both an evidence informed and outcomes based approach to health; that is a belief in both positive results and also documenting those results in the form of data that informs the healthcare needs of future generations.

A proud encourager of all who wish to pursue their goals, he has witnessed many of his patients and staff pursue their ambitions to become chiropractors. He is ever grateful to for his lovely family and loves nothing better than when they all go exploring together. He is a proud supporter of the local community.

Kaushal Bhuta

(Principal Chiropractor)

B App. Sc (Chiro), M. App. Sc (Research), M. Sc (Chiro Paediatrics)

Kaushal Bhuta is an Australian-based health practitioner. He is trained as a Chiropractor, practicing in Castle Hill. With 20 plus years’ experience, Kaushal has been involved in chiropractic as a researcher, a teacher and as a practitioner. He has served as a consultant for both the Motor Accidents Authority of New South Wales and Work Cover. Kaushal holds a post graduate degree in research, with a special interest in blood flow through the deep spinal muscles as it varies with age. In addition, Kasuhal has a second post graduate degree in paediatric chiropractic. His other interests lie in promoting optimum function of the neuromuscular system through attitude, exercise, lifestyle and posture.

He is passionate about applying latest research techniques in his practice to ensure his patients receive the most up-to-date care.

Jacob Augimeri


BSc. Chiro, M.Chiro

Jacob is an Australian-based chiropractor, practicing in Castle Hill.

– Castle Hill: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Like other members of the team, Jacob came to Necks Backs Sports as a work experience student. After graduating from Castle Hill High School in 2011, he spent a year in the electrical trade, before returning to the practice as a patient. After seeing the difference that chiropractic care could make, Jacob enrolled in the chiropractic program at Macquarie University and joined the practice as chiropractic assistant. He has been with Necks Backs Sports since 2013.

Jacob completed his undergraduate and Masters training at Macquarie University. He has a particular interest in shoulder pain, neck pain, posture and sporting injuries, especially post-surgical joint care. Jacob has an interest in all aspects of physical conditioning, including strength, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Being a keen athlete himself, Jacob enjoys weight training, rock climbing, obstacle courses and martial arts.

As a practitioner at Necks Backs Sports, Jacob is passionate about using chiropractic care to manage pain, empower his patients to achieve the highest level of function possible, and allow them to enjoy the greater health and well-being that an active lifestyle has to offer.