Is sitting damaging your back?


It seems to be a little-known fact that computers have ushered in a marvelous age of efficiency and speed. Prolonged sitting at a computer screen was not the position that human beings were designed for.

There are many studies that show prolonged sitting and by prolonged we mean that greater than 20 to 30 minutes squeezes water out of the disc (dehydrates) and as such makes the disc very venerable to strain. Again little known fact is that pressure on your spine is the highest in the sitting position in which the spine is under the greatest pressure due to the effect of gravity. The force on your back is approximately 100 when you are lying down, 200 standing and 400 sitting. As such, prolonged sitting tends to cause cracking of the discs and swelling in the joints. Both of these are extremely painful.

Interesting, I make note of the fact that these days I tend to see more people who do office work than ever before. I think that this is because the computer revolution has meant that every single office job involves some use of a computer. Very often it is improper use.

Here at Necks Backs Sports we are committed to a holistic solution to the problem. If you are suffering one of the symptoms illustrated in the box beside this text, then it might be a good idea for you to drop us an Email or give us a call or better still come in and see us, so that we can examine the tissues that may be put under strain because of seated posture.

Another service that we offer here at Necks Backs Sports is the ability to look at either your workstation and make basic changes or consult with our collogues who are Occupational Therapists. The interesting thing is that there is so much that can be done to easily prevent the damage that can arise from sitting at the computer.

Available are software programs that have been written such as Stretch break and there are countless exercises and routines that can be adopted in addition to changing your workstation. Ergonomic workstations and simple solutions have become readily available and cost-effective.

If you are suffering from headaches, migraines, back pain, wrist pain, arm pain, and sciatic pain all of these may be related to your sitting posture.

Please do call or drop me an Email if you are concerned about your symptoms. We do know professionals such as Holistic Health Services or Occupational Therapies such as Pro Work who could help with your ergonomic assessments and in-office procedures.