The Role of the Podiatrist in the Treatment of Common Winter Sports Injuries


By James Teo B.Sc (Podiatry) & Kaushal Bhuta Sports are vital for overall fitness. However, problems may arise in the feet, ankles, hips, knees and spine when increased stresses from sporting activities are placed on them. Often, simple warming up properly and choosing the right footwear is adequate in preventing injury. However, there are cases where there may be significant problems in requiring more specialized treatment. A Podiatrist’s management of sports injuries will usually involve footwear advice, simple exercises or stretches, and possibly the use of special insoles or orthotics. Treatment first involves a thorough examination of the structure and biomechanics of the foot. All too often, we do not listen to our bodies, even when there are problems. Pain is not normal during sporting activity, so it is important not to ignore it. Early and accurate diagnosis is the key to treating and preventing sports injuries in winter sports. More often than not, most of these conditions can be treated with the help of a Podiatrist in conjunction with your Chiropractor, using insoles or orthotics, or simply by advising on a change of footwear.

Common Sports Injuries of the Lower Leg Treated by Podiatrists

¨    Arch Strain/Pain

¨    Knee, Ankle & Foot Strain and Pain

¨    Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spurs

¨    Pain on the balls of the feet

¨    Shin Splints

¨    Achilles Tendonitis and Calf Pain

¨    Groin & Hamstring Pain