Strengthening you to the core


The core stabilising muscles have been the topic of much research and debate over the last decade. In short, there are two muscular systems at work to support your back. The first of these is “phasic”, and these muscle turn on and off.  Muscles such as your biceps or the general muscles we use for movement are examples of the use of phasic muscles.

The second system is the core stabilising system. These are also known as postural muscles. Instead of turning on and off, they should be constantly turned “on”, supporting the joints and stopping them from moving to far and becoming injured. These muscles get turned off with injury to disks and joints. As a result joints can move to far and continuously be reinjured and this is often the case in chronic or long standing back pain.

Even in shorter cases, the core stabilisers need to be retrained so that they are functioning to support your spine. Kaushal Bhuta at Necks Backs Sports spent many years researching the blood supply to these important core muscles as part of his masters thesis. Hence in addition to the treatment listed above, exercises and your adherence to both the treatment and exercise program is an essential part of therapy here at Necks Backs Sports.