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What is stress?

Without stress in our lives, the world would be very boring. Stress is a response that is meant to elevate the heart rate, give us a heightened sense of awareness and promote what is known as a fight-or-flight response in response to a perception of a threat or threatening situation. This response is necessary for […]

Relaxation, Stress Reduction and Meditation Classes

Why Should I learn to Relax, Reduce my Stress and Meditate? Meditation gives you something that nothing else can: It introduces you to yourself on all levels; the physical, the mental and intellectual and the spiritual. The classes will have a focus on these practices as they impact your health and well being.  Meditation will […]

Modern Living

There are four hallmarks of modern living that we see here at Necks Backs Sports. They are; We are much more sedentary than in the past – We need to move. Movement of the body promotes circulation, increases heart rate and improves co-ordination. When we don’t move our body adapts by losing muscle and tissue […]

Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart! by Kaushal on February 10, 2014 After ongoing attention and controversy after the AHA and American College of Cardiology (ACC) released updated cholesterol guidelines in November, 2013. There is less focus on specific targets for cholesterol reduction, leading to more individually based and patient centered approaches gaining traction. It’s about time they focused on […]

Tips for working towards a healthier heart

by Ami-Bree Said   Cardiovascular disease – any condition of the heart and its blood vessels – is the leading cause of death in Australia. In 2012, it was responsible for 30% of all deaths, with that number set to rise due to Australia’s aging population1. While we cannot do anything about getting older, there […]